Neo-Liberal’s are not happy with the US ending funding of Rebel’s in Syria.

Jalil Javed, 30/07/2017

Last week, The Washington Post was the first one to report that the Central Intelligence Service had ended its covert operations to arm rebels against Bashar al Assad and the officially recognized government of the Syrian Arab Republic. This was Trump promising one of his promises that helped him get the vote of many believers of the Non-Aggression Principle, Many of whom were devastated after Trump’s admin wasted approximately 90 Million Dollar’s on bombing a Syrian Government Airfield with Decommissioned planes inside it. Hence, this move comes as a refreshing change from the American Government who has shown for the first time that Regime Change is never the best solution in Arab Countries.

However, this did not sit well with the establishment which includes people ranging from Neoconservatives to Neoliberals to so-called Progressives who want to criticize this Administration for the sake of criticism. The likes of these people are the same that are the first to cry wolf when there short sighted policies cause failed states to emerge all across the world. These are the same people who cry wolf when the “Regime” forces cause civilian casualties but they are completely silent when the Coalition forces led by the United States cause mass casualties using white phosphorous or when their best friends in Saudi Arabia behead people for peaceful protests and wearing a skirt.

One of the first people to comment on this was Nicholas Kristof, who oblivious to the desires and wants of millions in Syria, just saw this as America abandoning Syria by not arming jihadists while others like Amy Siskind and David Axelrod did not even care about the topic at hand and only pointed out how this is Trump is “Caving In” to Putin’s demand. As if they wanted us to know they didn’t care about protecting Syrian’s.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C


And this came more than 18 months after NPR and other outlets reported that the British based Think Tank (The Center on Religion and Geopolitics) reported that 60 Percent of the Rebels held Extremist views and over One-Third of them had the same ideology as ISIS and Al-Nusra Front.

But these weren’t the only people who were mad at the fact that America was no longer funneling weapons to Jihadi’s and Salafis, America’s resident war hawk Senator John McCain (Arizona) was also very mad at this, and despite being diagnosed with Brain Cancer. This American patriot was not one to be swayed from the path of funding the Salafi’s and he was quite upset and tweeted out his despair over twitter.


In the end, I am Glad of the fact that many Americans from all across the political spectrum are finally standing up to this rhetoric of “MORE WAR” being promoted by their establishment. And what does this tell us about the likes of Nicholas Kristof and Amy Siskind? That these people don’t care about bring “Democracy” to any country in the Middle East or Central Africa. If they did they would be the first ones to call out what is happening in Saudi Arabia and what they are doing to Yemen and their own citizens. But that doesn’t suit there narrative does it? It only suits their agenda when the “Evil” Russian’s and the “Evil” Iranians make a mistake. And these people should never be confused with real liberals who are smart enough to understand arming jihadists is not a good idea, Instead these people should be referred to as the one’s who will not rest until every church from Aleppo to Damascus is not destroyed by these Rebel’s.





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