In Defence of Ayaz Nizami


Jalil Javed|3.302017

The same country, who was given its freedom by secularists lawyers from Punjab. Is today betraying the very Principle on which this country was built? In the 50’s, when we were poor and our economy was still under construction. People were welcomed here from all corners of the world. Wether they were White, Black or Yellow. The idea of asking and criticizing one’s atheistic belief;s was far fetched,

Yet 70 years after Allama Iqbal Created this country for people like A Yaz Nizami. This country has Betrayed the very principles upon which we were created. 70 Years later when our economy is on the rise. Terrorism is wiped clean from the northern regions. Our main threat comes in the form of the freedom of expression of a certain Individual Named Ayaz Nizami.

I hope this might reach out to some of my free speech advocates all around the world. Especially those who think burning a book (Koran being their book of choice) or drawing a picture of a guy who lived 1400 years ago to piss off some barbaric idiots in another corner of the world. I want these people to come out and pressure their governments to impose sanctions on my country so that they learn how to run democracy properly.

I also hope there are those of us still who can write a letter to the local authorities who arrested him and ask them how many different types of disgusting do you have to be to arrest a man for his thought and opinions. How scared are you that one day people are gonna wake up and all the non-sense about God is BullShit.



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