Pakistan’s ‘last Jew’ wins deal in court to change over from Islam

Jalil Javed

After much legitimate wrangling, Pakistan has authoritatively permitted a man who has been named the nation’s “last Jew” to change his religion from Islam to Judaism.

Fishel Benkhald was destined to a Muslim father and Jewish mother. At the season of his introduction to the world, he was enrolled as a Muslim, however, says he never rehearsed Islam and had been trying to be formally perceived as Jewish on state records.

Benkhald’s crusade increased universal media consideration and he was given the moniker “The Last Jew in Pakistan”. The lobbyist, 29, told the Times of Israel that his most punctual adolescence recollections are of rehearsing Judaism with his mom in Karachi.

Benkhald, who has the Muslim name “Faisal” on his Pakistani ID cards, has distinguished himself as a Jew on authority censuses. He already said on Facebook that he was whipped for belligerence for rights for non-Muslim Pakistanis.


Notwithstanding, Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) supposedly has little reputation of tolerating religious transformation demands, for example, Benkhald’s.

The change could conceivably be translated as carrying out heresy, which some Muslim researchers contend oversteps Islamic law, and which has been criminalized in a few nations – however not Pakistan.

Following quite a while of printed material and bids, the Interior Ministry has, at last, endorsed Benkhald’s application looking for “transformation/redress” of his religion. Benkhald took to Twitter to express gratitude toward Pakistan, NADRA and the Interior Ministry taking after the news.


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